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Why Incubate?

Because you’ll find yourself.
Because you’ll find home.
Because you’ll uncork your magic.
Because there’s something magical and important for you to do in the world and all the excuses you keep making will never be as satisfying as that moment you watch it unfold.
Someone has hole in the shape of your magic and when they see it/hear it/taste it/feel it, they will become whole. And you will know for sure that all is as it should be. And that will be holy.

Purpose work is like a toddler. Simultaneously brilliant and frustrating. Having the ability to see other people’s magic is the same. Exciting and then heartbreaking. And then exciting again. Especially the piece when they feel it too.

There are some foundational pieces to purpose that require some tweaking to allow purpose to rise to the surface.

At the very least you’ll have to remember who you are.

And know for sure where you belong in the world.

And you’ll definitely have to love yourself enough to know the magic exists even if you can’t articulate it always find ways to do it.

You can not be too tired or too busy.

You can not be entrenched in relationship turmoil or deep disappointment.

The first piece is the foundation. Time and space.

Make some time to talk to me, so we can create some space to work out the best next step. I promise I want make you do anything you don’t want to do. But I will shine a light on your excuses.

If you weren’t worried about anything (money, what people thought of you, how to do it, if it’s ridiculous to even want to) then WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? And what is your timeline for that?

It’s time to carve a pathway to freedom with deliberate choice and committed action. And you can’t do that without clarity.

45 minutes with me (FREE) can bring such clarity. And then you’ll be able to choose the next best step.



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