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My personal development journey began in the low point. The point where I couldn’t have gotten any lower. At that point of my life. Up until then I’d done a brilliant job of pretending I had it all together and was the epitome of highly successful and functional. I was working at my family farm, running a National Award-Winning nature-based tourism business, with two kids, a fiancé, an education and a future.

On the outside we were getting grateful messages for the warm welcomes, the delicious food, the family atmosphere, sharing our lives with people and the quintessential Australian experience.

On the inside I was exhausted, hadn’t slept properly for a year since the birth of my second child, was constantly angry or indifferent to my fiancé and was pretty sure I was failing at life. I moved between high functioning anxiety, complete overwhelm and heightened enthusiasm (all UP emotions, not really space for any stopping or LOW ones).

My fiancé was unhappy, my Mum was trying to help me with the load, my Dad was trying to keep me involved with the farm and get my partner to be like us and my daughters were having nightmares (Miss 8) and being nightmares (Miss 1 and I never sleep). One day, in all of that, I found out I was pregnant again. My partner freaked out. I freaked out. He left. My Dad freaked out. I gathered myself and my dream and carefully re-stacked the cards. 10 weeks later I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks pregnant and suddenly no amount of shuffling could make the deck whole again.

The main things I couldn’t work out were:

  • Why did I keep ending up in the same place? AND
  • How on earth do you do this thing called relationships?

I started the journey with Brett and Marie Jones 14 years ago (now in 2020 16 years ago). I had no idea that 16 years later I would be working with them to create the same inner transformation for other people. Their work saves lives, and marriages.

If there was one thing I would say to you to do this week if you have wondered if you are OK and or what the hell to do with your relationship – check this out It’s the best and most life-altering event I have ever attended and worked at.

I had (in 2018) just celebrated my 1-year wedding anniversary with my most favourite husband ever (*smiles cheekily – and in 2020 still my most favourite husband ever). Previous to this relationship my experience of love was hard work. Lots of hard work and “trying” to make sense of why I was constantly unhappy, why he (the person I was in relationship with at the time) was always at fault and how on earth to change him so I could be happy. I learnt a lot on my journey. Most importantly I learnt that the place to start is from the inside, and that once you stop blaming someone else you have all the power to change how something feels. And I learnt, most importantly how to be a motherf*@king Queen.

I get lots of people who want to work with me to find their purpose in the world and start doing more of what they were put here to do, but they are constantly being hijacked by relationship turmoil. For years and years every time I would try to step boldly into the life of my dreams I’d have another argument and/or another child and find myself hiding out in the house resenting the hell out of the life I had. Purpose work starts in the foundations, and if your relationship is distracting you from your greatness (if this is the place where the worst of you shows up) then sort out the foundations. And then, from the centre of the Queen go forth and create amazing things (which I can totally support you with).

If you are an action-taker and want to really transform your relationship now, here’s how – click here: RELATIONSHIP WARRIOR. If you want to hear a bit more from them and create some trust then Brett and Marie have a podcast where you can hear their simple (but game changing) lessons about relationships.

Don’t mess about too long though, the next Relationship Warrior Code event is coming up on 27-29 November 2020 in Perth so if you feel the call you should get there (with your partner/husband so you can both end up on the same page!). Being on the same page has changed the dynamic of everything relationship with me, as well as learning to show up in my feminine and communicate my truth from a calm place.



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