I’m a Purpose Coach

Which is like a life coach but focused on purpose.

As a coach I work in the level of foundations – all the stuff you need to KNOW before you can DO. There are actually two very distinct types of people I work with.

There are those who don’t KNOW what their purpose is, or what they are meant to doing that, or how a purposeful life would feel. To KNOW is not about knowledge or education. To KNOW is about KNOWING. The KNOWING that lives inside. (If you are not sure if you KNOW, then we should talk so I can help guide you to it. It’s powerful).

Then there are those that have the KNOWING, or at least a sense of it and just need some clarifying, and then they can go into DOING with KNOWING.

Many people in life and business try to DO without KNOWING, and it’s hard. Like hustle. And pushing shit up hill. (If this is you (if you KNOW or sense the KNOWING but don’t know what to do with that), then we should talk so I can help map your pathway to DOING with KNOWING. It’s powerful). Once you get clear you can craft alive the life or the soul-based business that keeps expanding YOU to the world. We need you. We really, really do.

Foundations include: knowing yourself, relationships, connection to purpose, figuring out what to do with that, knowing the people you are here to serve, self-care, finding your God/your guidance centre, knowing your worth….so much KNOWING. But all of this UNDERPINS what’s possible.

You can know how to do marketing, or to coach or to heal or to speak or to write, but without the foundations clear it doesn’t seem to do what you want it to do. Many people I work with think this is because there is something wrong with them or the beautiful thing they have created. This is so far from NOT TRUE it’s not funny. It’s just being miscommunicated or it hasn’t been created with them in mind (those you are here to serve) because they are not hearing the message or they are not certain it’s for them (even if you are).

As a purpose coach I start back in the place of purpose. In the foundations. Although really, it’s in the centre. The centre of everything.

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You could be this person

There are those who aren’t in a place where they believe they have a purpose. Or don’t even have time to consider it, right in the middle of the Groundhog Day of survival mode. Maybe their self-esteem is shit, maybe relationship turmoil is taking up a lot of time, maybe they don’t feel like they deserve a purposeful life because of some hurtful stuff from their past. Maybe the dream doesn’t feel possible or maybe it’s just terrifying.

Is Incubator for you?

You might be this person

You have a soul-based business but it’s not doing and feeling like you hoped. There’s too much hustle. Not enough clients or cash flow. Constant questioning in your head about if you’re doing the right thing or on the right path. You know how to do some things but don’t do them. You don’t know how to do other things you know you should know but they seem hard and time consuming. You know you need support and accountability and growth and other people, but you just haven’t found the right place.

Are you a MotherFlocker?

You may even be this person

You’ve just been through (another) shitty break up. You’re obsessing over what he’s doing and trying to work out what went wrong and what’s wrong with you. Or you’ve been single for a long time and think life is easier without men, but sometimes often) you feel lonely and wonder if maybe you’ll be alone forever. Or maybe you’re in a relationship but feel something is missing and you know you’ve felt like this before and you can’t figure out of the problem is you or him. The Gap Year Intensive (it doesn’t really take a year) is about committing to you. Amongst other things.

Take a GAP Year

Or even this person

You have a soul-based business that needs some tweaking and mentoring to get it to the place where you really want it to be. Finding time to work ON your business gets eaten up by working IN your business and it turns out the dream business you thought you were creating is actually eating you up. Burn out is a possibility, there’s all this stuff that needs doing but you can’t prioritise which bit and when and you often feel unsupported and like there’s no time to do everything. Gracious juggling often ends in balls being thrown in the faces of the audience and the thing that keeps getting put aside is you and the dream you’ve been trying to create. Retreat is the place for you. Space, time, nourishment and guidance.

Get into Biznesting

Purpose sits at the centre. The centre of everything.

I believe my purpose is the centre of everything.

And when I’m back in the centre of everything – in the centre of me – I have more energy, and patience and more good humour and I’m a better mother and a nicer girlfriend and I’m still a shit-hot housewife and I can multi-task like a mofo – but it’s between shoes and magic, and arguments and building webinars, and lunch-boxes and coaching magnificence, and a conversation about parent teacher interviews and a conversations about digital marketing. It’s reading Shrek 2 (the really fricking long, super boring retelling the movie version) out load to the kids before bed and then a novel about climate change and butterflies and a book about being a TED speaker. It’s getting kids ready for their first day back at school and doing hair and taking the blame for the 3 week old mouldy orange is Miss 8’s bag, and kissing them goodbye and heading our for coffee coaching (because the studio is too full of people and beds for coaching) and meetings about running training programs and doing a sales call in the sunshine at the foreshore and wearing active wear all day and not making an exercise class, and going for a quick walk after work with the guy and then damage control when we get home between a couple of kids, and washing all the conditioner out of the bath they used in the Barbie’s hair, and making sausage rolls and vegetarian, gluten free sausage rolls, and monitoring dessert and stories and bedtime for kids, and answering some stuff in the Facebook groups and watching Rake with my guy while he sleeps (even though it was his idea). And sleeping. And getting up at 6.30am because the only way to have the day is embrace it. Shower first. Be dressed before them and ready for whatever the morning brings.

That’s how you graciously juggle my love, and somewhere up there in the space above this is a chance for you to find your way there. To truly embrace life and all that is possible for you. It’s not about doing more. It’s about being more while you do what you do. It’s about knowing what to do and what to say no too. It’s about you being happy first.

Want to know more? Are you ready for that?

Are you prepared to push back against all the things that have stopped you until now? All the times you thought you weren’t good enough. All the moments of overwhelm or tired or angry or unsupported.

Are you prepared to commit to something? YOU.

Are you prepared to commit to you?

Is your calling, calling you?

If you are, get in touch. I’m thinking it’s something we could do together.

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And you know what? The best way to figure out what is going to be the best experience / path / building block for you, is to talk to you about it (I love talking!)

I can help you figure out what you want. And we’ll easily be able to figure out if what I do fits with what you want. And if you and I are a good fit. I won’t offer it to you otherwise.

What they say

Interview with Nicola Moras – here’s a video of me talking to Nicola Moras about what I do, if you’d prefer the version where I write the story with my mouth.

Here’s what people have said about working with me:

I’m just writing to say an enormous THANK YOU for your amazing Incubators program. It was a business coaching course like no other. I loved the mix of practical business advice alongside personal development coaching to overcome all the mental ‘crap’ that gets in the way of success. After completing the eight-week program I feel so fired up about living my passion and sharing it with the world. Without having done the course I suspect I would have given my dream a half-hearted attempt before giving up. But with your guidance I’ve received the support, encouragement and self-belief to give it my all. And I’m absolutely loving it.

Samille MitchellFreelance Journalist & Photographer, Inspired

I’ve spent many years waiting for my dream to simply arrive on my doorstep, neatly packaged up like something I’d ordered online. What actually arrived into my life was Fleur who is giving me the tools and courage to get out there and start working on my dream. I’m only halfway through an 8week course but in that 4 weeks have achieved so much and it feels bloody awesome.

Kate TonkinFood Consultant, Real Food Real You

Doing the Incubator, I admitted that my constant worry/belief that I am not good enough, not doing enough to help my child, not good enough for my child, not doing enough for my family and for the business. All to the point where I have felt at times that I’m dying inside.I have learned that I have got to set myself FREE from the doubt and negativity. And LIVE and allow myself to be awesome and wonderful and loved and loving.


I never knew that having my own business would really make me feel alive out there. But it has. I realise now that by going to doctors and specialists and kinesiology’s and reflexologists and psychologists, I was just looking for a way to get fixed. But I couldn’t be fixed because I wasn’t broken, I just hadn’t found my magic. I hadn’t found my voice. I didn’t value or love myself anymore so how could anyone else? Doing Incubator has introduced me to real people that have their own stories and these stories sort of sound like mine; and I don’t judge them for it. So why was I so hard on judging myself? By owning my own story and being honest and real and just me, I have found clients, friends, and women and men don’t hide behind the pretence of a perfect life. They are just doing their thing, being ALIVE OUT THERE, by making mistakes sometimes, by being fearful, and feeling terrified, and trying anyway, being so bloody brave.


As I sat on Fleur's couch in her studio I listened to the words that she said. And the words haven't left me. I suppose it was over 12 months ago now. And the words she said still keep coming up. She said: "But can you forgive yourself?" And I think I probably scoffed at her - was I blaming myself for this? I'm a smart woman, you can't think that I possibly ... oh hang on. Yeh. I really was and I didn't even know it. Self-loathing, blame, guilt, hatred, despising myself - it was all I had done for such a long time and I didn't know there was a different way of being. But my bloody gracious good Lord above!! Thank you for directing me to Fleur and thank you Fleur for giving me the tools to sort my shit out. It was always inside me, just like the mumma hen said.


But how does she know this stuff?

It took me forever to be actually able to say I was a life coach. I think for a bit I thought to be a good life coach perhaps I needed to have a perfect life. Or at least the semblance of one. So that held me up for a few years while my life blew apart spectacularly (and I learnt some more stuff about life).

Once I got over that and realised I just needed to have a life (as in BE alive), some life experiences, maybe some relevant education and to really, really care about people and have a desire to help them get what they want.

And to know that all people are not like me. And to know that all people are just like me. That what we share is human-ness, our humanity. I’m a sucker for humans.

And then I worked with lots of people and realised that many of them were searching for something. They came on the pretext of relationship or career or unhappiness but really they all wanted something, that at first I didn’t realise was what I had always wanted and searched for. Meaning. Purpose.

I discovered the pain point for me. What was REALLY going on underneath the worry, the stress, the anxiety … I was worried that maybe it all meant nothing. And then what would I do?

I look critically and deeply at what I was doing (it was a combo of corralling kids, grocery shopping, doing finance things, and generally being busy) and then I looked at what ACTUALLY what made my heart and soul sing. The beautiful stuff that HELPED other people find their purpose or gift or magic in the world, so they could do more of that and their hearts and souls could sing too.

So. After I had done the layers stripping back thing, I decided to focus on purpose. Or magic. Or whatever it is you want to call it. For the people who want MORE, but have just never been able to DEDICATE the time or the focus to put their finger on what exactly that it, or HOW exactly they can do it.

So what do I do?

Coach people to find their purpose and craft in into something woven from all the things they ALREADY KNOW that lives inside them.

If it’s a business, we’ll craft a business.
If it’s writing, we’ll craft a way to get the book out.
If it’s confidence, we’ll find it or at the very least we’ll blow up all the bullshit that stops you having it.

That kind of stuff. And so much more.

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