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It always starts from the inside out.

Inside is about life – a life by design.

It always starts from the inside out. Even though we spend most of our lives trying to make it the other way around. Trying to make things look a certain way, so we can feel a certain way or experience the thing we’re chasing.

Ultimately, if you don’t know who you are you will never find what you’re looking for. The endless seeking will keep you lost and the desperation will exhaust you.

Inside has been created to help you craft a new story about yourself and your life. One that is satisfying, and within which you are content and calm and loved and whole. It’s the inside work so you can do whatever you need to do to clean up the confusion, let go of the past stuff, sort the foundations and then get on with clarifying and manifesting the life you want.

This is the foundation work for everything else. There are 2 options – one with some one-on-ones with me and group calls, and one that’s just the content. Let’s just begin right here.

Tell Me More About The Inside Out Love Story
I’m a purpose coach, so I primarily work with people (mostly women) tapping into their purpose and crafting that into a purposeful life. Which is pretty incredible.
During the process I discovered that love and purpose are entirely entwined. Relationship turmoil and/or dissatisfaction are some of the GREATEST DISTRACTIONS that exists to hijack us from ever discovering our calling and creating a life of meaning.
I spent an epic amount of time searching for purpose (the point in my case – I kept searching for the point) whilst in the midst of constant heartbreak, relationship turmoil (fighting, ignoring each other, whinging, wondering) and/or having more children (for me relationships and children are entirely entwined too!).
I wrote The Inside Out Love Story for the incredible women (brilliant, smart, sassy, educated, determined and capable) who kept getting thrown from their path of purpose by constant confusion and overwhelm. Women who were so great and deserving and good at what they did, but lost in this thing called relationships, and then lost. Entirely lost.
A solid, loving relationship (with everything in between) sits in the foundations. It’s not what makes you OK, but it adds to the possibilities – by being part of the structure of support that allows you to be more of yourself in the world. Relationship turmoil is all about you being less of yourself because you’re constantly angry or hurt or bitter or confused or trying to hustle for worthiness inside something that was not made for that.
Starting on the inside changed everything for me. And what I created in my life following that has been nothing short of magnificent.
So I condensed it into 6 modules and there are 2 options, one with some group calls and some one-on-one with me, and one that’s just the content. It’s spread over 12 weeks so you can get where you need to quicker (or slower, whatever or however that is for you). There’s no rush but we are often by nature impatient, and it’s likely that all that’s possible once you find your way through this is important and needs to happen. It’s been needing to happen for a while. It’s time right?
If you would like to know more you can here or you can book in a FREE strategy session with me below.
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“I had tried for so long to be her - that girl he wanted me to be, and I was doing such a great job of it, it took me a long time and lots of work to figure out - she actually wasn't me, she was a version I had created to be good for him.

So - then - this weird thing happened. I started answering some questions about myself, thinking about myself and not really thinking about him, what he needed, how I could support him, and I kind of just focussed on what would be a really good version of me. With nothing to do with him.. and this cool version of me appeared in my future vision - this kind of bohemian independent self assured extremely feminine wanderer appeared, who had her shit together. I learned about boundaries, (I teach lots of people about them.. funny that) I learned about value ( I have taught at least 100 people that too... funny that) I learned about what she was whispering in my ear all of these years - but I didn't listen. Fleur helped her turn her volume up.

As frustratingly simple as it seems, it just came down to understanding self love. And having the space to experience that, without realising I was doing that. And before I knew it I was doing that.”