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My Life on Purpose

I’m Fleur. Words are one of my favourite things, but not so much for the wordiness, just for the message they contain. I talk a lot and I write a lot as a pathway for the message. A pathway to purpose.

I am many things.

A woman, a wife, a mother, a stepmother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter and a friend. I grew up on a farm (which makes me a farmer) and then I trained as a Biological Scientist (Marine Biology and Environmental Studies), then worked as an Entomologist assistant (mostly moths) and then with local government to improve environmental responsibility (mostly impossible). I ran a national award winning nature-based farm tourism business on my family farm and then became a Rural Financial Counsellor. I’m a Life Coach and and NLP Practitioner and once I did a venomous snake handling course (so I am a snake catcher).

Sometimes during that I was inspired and on fire and sometimes during that I was lost and stressed and angry. But all the way through that I loved people – talking to people, being with people, helping people, showing people the way, saving people from snakes (actually that’s not entirely true, although I did rescue a scared python from inside a local day spa once), and being curious about why sometimes I was happy and why sometimes I was lost.

There are many turning points stories in the story of my life. I have told them all in various ways, and you can read them all in blog the Goddamn Motherworker about all the things about the myth of balance and my journey to become a gracious juggler.

I share everything. For me and for you. I hope you find what you need.

Mostly though the turning points all contained one thing – a request for me to show up in a different way to the way I was showing up. To find a way to do what I loved (once I worked out what that was, aside from all the things I’d done) often and more. The make the difference in the world I’d always dreamed of making. To have a life of meaning.

I believe that we all have magic in us. And there is something special in that gift that the world needs. In combination with other people and their gifts. My purpose is to inspire others to do what inspires them, and by default change the world. Like a ripple that goes out because I don’t know everybody yet, but I can know some and they will inspire those who know them.

And that’s why I show up every day.

My story is filled with contradictions. About being a dreamer and a worker. A scientist and a magician. A talker and a writer. A mother and a worker. A romantic and a realist. The light and the shadow. Real life.

I think the best kind of life coaches and relationship coaches and business coaches coach from real life experience. And often the best ones are the ones who didn’t get it right first time, but paved a pathway through the convoluted mash up of working out how to do it (or alternatively, how not to do it first, and then how to do it).

Making sense of the nonsense

For me, it’s the mash up of science and magic that makes sense.

Like the pure joy I get from watching a baby armadillo playing in a Youtube clip (who knew???) and the sense that I am guided to people and places, with absolutely no scientific backing at all.

So here’s what I wanted to say about all of this.

If it’s YOUR TIME then you have to do this too. You’ll know it’s your time because it’ll be calling. With anxiety or depression or a sense that something important is missing or a momentary pause in which suddenly magic appears.

Magic doesn’t happen when you’re stressed. It doesn’t happen when you’re cluttered. It doesn’t happen when there are too many things in your head, or in your desk, or in your chest pounding for no good reason at the traffic lights, or in your tears when you are alone in the shower, or in your perfectly organised pantry (because deep down you know you are avoiding something).

Magic needs some room to breathe.

Magic comes alive in the moments of clarity, when everything else falls away. Magic is like that moment when everything goes suddenly quiet and the air around you inhale slightly and something tense let’s go. Magic is in the little bits of every day that we sometimes miss in the busy-ness.

Want to know more? If you do, get in touch. I’m thinking it’s something we could do together. Or at least work out if we fit.

Really, truly please enjoy reading my blog – Reading the words I had to write. For me and for you.

Work With Me

Vice Chair of the RRR Network Board

Did you know I’m the Vice Chair of the Board for the Rural Regional Remote Women’s Network of WA?

The RRR Network has a mission to actively engage with and advocate for Western Australian rural, regional and remote women to strengthen their economic and social security, inspire leadership and inform the gender equality policy with government, private sector, civil society and media.

We’ve had a big year (or two) navigating strategy and direction the best way to support our members and make a difference to RRR Women. As well as providing an amazing network for inspiring and connecting regional women, the RRR Network assists rural, regional and remote women by asking, listening and then delivering their words, insights and experiences direct to policy and key decision makers.

Membership is only $50/year and you get access to resources, training and events and a statewide network of other human beings doing life like you, who may need your wisdom and support, and who definitely have some wisdom and support to share.

Go to our website and join – we would love to have you!

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