Your Pathway to Purpose

Why Incubate?

Because you’ll find yourself.
Because you’ll find home.
Because you’ll uncork your magic.
Because there’s something magical and important for you to do in the world and all the excuses you keep making will never be as satisfying as that moment you watch it unfold.

Someone has hole in the shape of your magic and when they see it/hear it/taste it/feel it, they will become whole. And you will know for sure that all is as it should be. And that will be holy.

Purpose work is like a toddler. Simultaneously brilliant and frustrating. Having the ability to see other people’s magic is the same. Exciting and then heartbreaking. And then exciting again. Especially the piece when they feel it too.

There are some foundational pieces to purpose that require some tweaking to allow purpose to rise to the surface.
At the very least you’ll have to remember who you are.
And know for sure where you belong in the world.
And you’ll definitely have to love yourself enough to know the magic exists even if you can’t articulate it always find ways to do it.
You cannot be too tired or too busy.
You cannot be entrenched in relationship turmoil or deep disappointment.
The first piece is the foundation. Time and space.

Make some time to talk to me, so we can create some space to work out the best next step. I promise I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. But I will shine a light on your excuses.

If you weren’t worried about anything (money, what people thought of you, how to do it, if it’s ridiculous to even want to) then WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? And what is your timeline for that?

It’s time to carve a pathway to freedom with deliberate choice and committed action. And you can’t do that without clarity.

45 minutes with me (FREE) can bring such clarity. And then you’ll be able to choose the next best step.


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The Incubator is an epic 8-week online group program.

What’s Included?

It’s an 8-week group intensive program about finding yourself and then your purpose (but delivered over 10-12 weeks so you’ve got time to integrate). Run twice yearly – you can join the notification list above for the next dates.

Each week you are delivered a module of content via email, with audio links, activities to read and do.

Module 1 – identity, your gifts, remembering who you are
Module 2 – blocks, excuses, boundaries
Module 3 – your why, your purpose, what you have to offer
Module 4 – commitment & taking action
Module 5 – worth, value, money, self-worth, abundance
Module 6 – finding your people – tribe, team & support
Module 7 – systems, strategies and tools for productivity, feminine & masculine energy
Module 8 – bringing it all together, weaving your story into your why and into YOU

You get a heap of pre-work to set up space and time to really commit in the 8 weeks, plus a honed 1:1 with me to really specify your focus. We have 8 x weekly 2 hour Q&A LIVE Zoom calls. And we have FB group so you can be connected with the community of other people going through the course at the same time

Time-wise you will need 2-4 hours per week to work on the content (can be done anytime) and 2 hours to attend the Q&A via Zoom or 2 hours to listen to the recording if you can’t make it on.

Plus you get 2 x 1:1 one hour coaching sessions with me during the 8 weeks, unlimited email access to me and a delicious DoTERRA essential oils prescription, to help deepen the work.

Designed with rural, regional and remote women in mind:
-Solid support in a nurturing environment.
-A connection with other like-minded women, in similar situations, at similar places in their journey.
-Accountability and truth-telling.
-A deep understanding of the juggle of roles, motherhood, rural lifestyle, relationship dynamics, family farming systems, the pull to be bigger force in the world and the need to balance this with life at home.
-Lots of structure and lots of flexibility.

Any questions? Curious about the investment or if it’s for you? Let’s talk


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They are all the PRACTICAL DETAILS. The rest (which is all the really good and magical stuff) just unfolds as we go. Outcomes vary. It really depends on what you want.

But if you put in the time, the focus and the energy anything is possible.

The group stuff initially makes some people want to throw up and hide behind the couch, but this is where the magic truly happens.

This happened recently in one of my Incubator Flocks:

I got to call up my buddy for the first time. She actually only lives about 100 kms away. We got talking about her kids, my kids, her parents, my parents. And I said “Yeh, my dad is one of 14 kids!” and she said “NO WAY! My dad is one of 14 kids!!”. “How cool is that?" I said, “My poor grandmother had 11 boys and three girls". The phone went silent for a minute and from the other end of the phone my buddy said quietly “So did mine”.

I’ve just completed the Kokoda track. 8 days of walking in Papua New Guinea in the footsteps of our Aussie soldiers, time to myself with the most beautiful people on the planet, and a good mate who has just gone through breast cancer and has had a double mastectomy at the tender age of 35. I’ve been wanting to do this trek for over 10 years and always found an excuse not to do it.

Well, out of Fleur’s Incubator program I put it back on my radar and decided enough was enough, I need to do this thing that I’ve been longing to do for so fucking long. I had it on my wall and I actually made it happen, just as Fleur had worked her magic to get me into this space. As it works out ‘divine timing’ gave me the ‘perfect timing…’

My growth has just expanded so much more than I have ever felt and thought in my entire life. I’ve actually felt what it’s like to really feel, really fucking feel with every inch of my being. The people in Papua New Guinea along the track have not a lot, but they actually have so much more than us (in the modern technologically everything advanced). They have the basic foundations truly right. They have peace, calm, unconditional love, caring, and are so god damn true to themselves that you can’t help but feel it too. If you’ve ever feel like you need to just do that thing you've been wanting to do for a long time.... go do it.

Out if it all I have managed to see what I need to worry about and what I don’t. Like not even have the anxiety and worry that I’ve lived with for so long. This is not the magic pill but it sure is a huge step in my journey to the type of life that I’ve always wanted. Pure fulfilling feelings. That’s what it is. I have more to do, and that’s just part of my journey.

Anita Grima

I recently completed Fleur's I N C U B A T O R course… 8 weeks of foundational studies in business. What I thought was going to be practical lessons on starting a business ended up being very practical lessons on how to get yourself ready to release what your heart and soul already knew you had in you... to gain clarity as to why and who you want to give to, to learn how to fight resistance that always comes at us all, to recognise the roadblocks we (often subconsciously) put in our own way. When I say foundational studies... I mean the core essential things you need to get clear before getting a business started or creating the life you want. This course came to me in a time I needed it most and has been so life changing I can't even use words to explain....

Samille Mitchell

When I decided to do Incubator with Fleur, my mental space was suffering, over-loaded with expectation of who I should be, what I should do in my career and life. I knew that if I didn’t do something things were going to get dark and I didn’t want that for me or my family.

Doing incubator made me really check in with myself mentally about what it really was I wanted from life now and in the future. Fleur’s gentle guidance allowed me the courage to embrace my strengths and the confidence to use them, whilst letting go of the expectation I felt.

Incubator was the best investment I have ever spent on myself, even after spending nearly a decade in corporate life where course’s on self-development are constantly offered or encouraged and none of those came close to the benefits of doing Incubator. I have stepped away from the normal work environment with the confidence to use my creative skills in a number of ways in my community and by starting a fledging Interior Design business.

Melissa Welsh

I had been wanting to do Fleur’s Incubator for such a long time but the planets never aligned or maybe I never believed I was worth the investment … until I did, and my life changed to match the commitment in myself really quickly. I was lucky that I knew my purpose and what I wanted to do, but what I was quick to realise is that I still didn't know myself as well as I thought.
Working with Fleur has cemented an unwavering amount of self-confidence and self-belief in my gifts and the impact they will have … I am seeing a value in myself that I have been searching for my whole life and feel more home and myself than I ever have before.
Fleur has helped me connect with something bigger than me and it feels precious and fulfilling - just like I imagine magic does!

Jarna Saunders, Life Coach (Daya Clarity) and Mumma

Not a week goes by where I don't think about the lessons I learnt from you. I have noticed such a shift in how I feel and my outlook on life. Just last night I turned to my husband and asked him if he had noticed a difference in me too - he had! I don't think I could point the finger at one particular thing that was making me miserable. But looking back now a lot of it was due to the fact that I didn't listen to me, I had lost who I was (had I ever really met her?).
Thank you for helping me realise my happiness lies in ME. I am still discovering who I am and with every passing week I am feeling more at ease with my life and who I am becoming.
I am no longer searching for things to fill my life with, for now I am happy being here, just how I am. You have taught me that creativity is worthy of my time. I don't feel guilty for creating and just taking time to be.

Aimee, Teacher & Mum

Any questions? Curious about the investment or if it’s for you? Let’s talk


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the 8-week IncubateHER?

Basically it’s an 8 week online program.

Each week on Monday you are delivered a module of content via email, with audio links, activities to read and do.

Module 1 – Identity, your gifts
Module 2 – Blocks, excuses, boundaries
Module 3 – Your why, your purpose, what you have to offer
Module 4 – Commitment & taking action
Module 5 – Worth, value, money
Module 6 – Finding your people – support system, team & marketing
Module 7 – Systems, strategies and tools for productivity & Feminine Power
Module 8 – Bringing it altogether, creating a Biznest/Lifenest Manifesto

You get a 1:1 with me on the phone/FTF before we begin and a heap of pre-work to set up space and time to really commit in the 8 weeks.

We have weekly 2 hour LIVE Q&A webinars and 2 x 1 hour 1:1s with me during the 8 weeks, scheduled in by you when you need them.

And we have a (secret) FB group so you can be connected with the community of other people going through the course, but in the privacy of the small group.

Time-wise you will need 2-4 hours per week to work on the content ( this can be done anytime once you have the module) and 2 hours to attend the Q&A via webinar or 2 hours to listen to the recording if you can’t make it on. I’d suggest be there though. It’s where you get to learn so much from outside your own head (where is usually the place we create the problem with to start with).

How much does it cost? Are there payment options?

I didn’t previously talk about the investment online, because if it’s not for you, it’s just not for you and it’s hard to work that out from reading an outline and trying to apply it to where you are.

That said, it’s a big investment and it’s best for people to know what they’re looking at before we begin. It’s $4444 AUD inc GST.

To work out if it’s the best next step for you I would talk to you about what it is you want. And we’ll easily be able to figure out if what I do fits with what you want. And if you and I are a good fit.

I won’t offer it to you otherwise. If I don’t think it’s what you need, or we don’t fit, or I think there’s someone who can serve you better than I can, I will let you know.

It’s a high-value program (which means that you invest well, and you get delivered my best value work) but when I just say the price without a conversation it’s hard to know how to apply that value to your own situation.

So, if it sounds like something you might like to do, let’s have a conversation. No pressure. No hard sales.
Once you do commit, you can pay via direct deposit or credit card.

Payment plans available on request, but all payments must be finalised before the completion of the course.
You can claim IncubateHER as business coaching/training if you have a business.

How many other people do the Incubator with me? Will it be confidential?

I work with a nurturing model, so unlike many online programs I’m into intimacy (in a cool and not creepy way!) and support. Any group program has a maximum of 12 people, but usually averages out at about 8. That way there’s time for everyone, but a beautiful opportunity for connection, and the energy required to keep everyone on track.

The Facebook group is secret which means anything you or I post in there is visible ONLY to the members of your Flock and NO-ONE ELSE. The choice to share or not to share is yours to make, and the space is completely confidential – whatever happens in the Flock stays in the Flock unless you’ve OK’d me or someone else to share.

We have a 1:1 before you start and 2 1:1s as you go, so if you have something you’d like only me to be privy to then this is the space to share this.

What resources will I need to complete it?

You will need access to a computer, internet & email address for the content. You can print out or download things, or complete them on your computer.

The Q&A is run online and works best if you can log on via your computer with a webcam and audio so we can all see and hear you. You need reasonable internet connection for this. Alternatively you can call in on a phone, so you can still hear us and we can hear you.

I recommend you buy a big A4 journal for the work. Something a bit beautiful, but simple.

Do I need to have a business or want to to start a business to do this?

No you don’t have to have or want a business to do this.

Incubating is about purpose.

Some people have no idea (consciously) what their purpose is. The IncubateHER is a pathway to finding this out.

Some people once they figure this out realise they need some time to integrate this, and work out how to apply this into having a more meaningful and purposeful life in their existing situation (life, job/career)

Some people know their purpose, but want to work out how to craft it into a business.

Some people know their purpose but don’t know what they want to do with that.

Some people have a business already but they want to make it more purposeful.

If you fit into any of these categories, the IncubateHER could be for you.

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