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IT WAS JUST your typical mid-life crisis sort of day.

Picture this: Sitting at my office desk in an unspectacular office lamenting the tedium of life. Not enough money, kids driving me bonkers, work feeling like it is just a show up and get paid type gig, my husband not getting me at all, I’m turning 40, I live in Geraldton (Gawd! Geraldton!!), am mortgaged up, and going nowhere. How did I get to be so suburban? This wasn’t meant to be the way it happened for ME! Certainly for other people perhaps this is what they want – but not ME!

Stare out office window. Drink coffee. Eat snacks. Feel fat. Answer phone. Check Facebook. Hurray … Facebook win! My secret crush girl Fleur Porter has posted a link to a video she has made. I’ll check that out.

And that’s when the first piece of the incubating puzzle fell into place. Maybe it was a conspiring universe or a chicken crossed over and it’s ghost visited me, but anyway I clicked on the link.

You know those days, when you are doing stuff without really thinking about what you are doing. It’s like when you fill out your credit card number on an online shopping cart, the numbers just tumble out of your finger tips without realising it. Well, that’s sorta what happened.

I was already on Fleur’s email mailing list so when her website popped up, I really didn’t need to fill out the “Opt In to Newsletter” jibber jabber, but I did anyway and I resentfully and sullenly completed the THREE QUESTIONS YOU MUST COMPLETE to view my video (without thinking that SHE would actually read my answers).

To be honest I don’t really remember the questions or my answers but below is a probable scenario:

Fleur – Tell me WHERE YOU THINK your life is right now.
Me – That I’m stuck in mud. There is no joy or happiness and I’m afraid THAT THERE IS ALL THERE IS FOR ME. Just, you know, existing.

Fleur – Tell me how you are feeling now?
Me – Overwhelmed. Really freaking up and down ALL THE TIME and that I wanna get off this rollercoaster. Resentful and a little bit crazy..

Fleur – What would happen if you did NOTHING to change how you are feeling right now.
Me – I really cannot maintain the status quo. Probably no marriage, no joy, no happiness or spark EVER. I am not fulfilled.

Anyway, don’t quote me on that, but what happened next truly scared the bejesus out of me! THE PHONE RANG! IT WAS BLOODY FLEUR! So I promptly told her that I didn’t think an ACTUAL human was going to be reading my melancholy responses and that “seriously, I’m fine!”. And she laughed in that laugh of hers that knows that I’m lying. And then I got teary and then I talked to her about my doctor’s appointments and my medication and what a psychiatrist in a cardigan had told me. And she listened and knew what I needed to do. Even if I didn’t know or didn’t want to or was too afraid to. She knew.

And so I became an incubatee.

And it gave me my life back.

So it turns out it was my time to be Incubated.  Best midlife crisis day EVER.


Guest Post by Caz (when she’s more famous you’ll be able to link to her story and her very own blog). Let’s just love Caz right here right now!!!

PS There are only 5 spots left in the next Incubator which commences cooking on 1st May 2017. Find a way to message me if you need your life back and it’s time you invested in making that happen. We can chat. I might do that laugh I did for Caz. Eeeeeeee xo


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