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I created the 8 week Incubator as a foundational program for a more purposeful life, including the creation of or expansion of soul-based business. I freaking love the Incubator. My heart explodes (with joy) when I think about what the past Incubator’s have experienced.

Purpose can be hard to identify. The lack of purpose is expressed in many forms – including a lack of fulfilment, feeling dissatisfied or discontent daily, depression, anxiety and/or overwhelm. You may know you want more for yourself and your life, but you may not know what this is. Often you are searching – with jobs, relationships, ideas – for the answer by doing more, but the busy-ness just creates more uncertainty and less clarity.

Finding your purpose – the sense and/or the words to express it requires one thing.

SPACE. Inside. Internal space. Calm. Clarity. Inner peace.

We let all kinds of things get in the way of the stillness required to allow space, even though within this space the wisdom (and the answers) arise. The search for purpose is intricately entwined with the search for inner peace.

To find peace you need to remember who you really are. Your identity. The wholeness and OKness of everything you truly are and not the masks or the pretence or the expectations or roles you play.

You’ll need to have awareness of your limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck in a story about yourself and your life.

You’ll need to have created an internal safe space – made possible by boundaries and clarity on what you value and what your leverage is.

And you’ll have to get a handle on your distractions and addictions – work, alcohol, drugs, people, social media, TV, busy-ness, relationship turmoil, food, exhaustion, drama, matrydom.

And then? You’ll be able to find some space to hear the quiet voice that arises from the still place inside and speaks with such knowing. This is purpose. It’s a WHY. Not something that you DO but something that you KNOW that can then be delivered by a vehicle like a business, a healing modality, a book, art, coaching, a creation or invention.

The Incubator 8 week program is a process designed to set the foundations for a purposeful life. All the things you need to know (or unlearn) to clarify your purpose and craft it alive in the life or business you already have.

Make space. Take a break. Create more time to live, love and grow.

You have to make space in the life that you have for the person who you are to breathe, to be magnificent, to love yourself enough to know the magic exists.

And I would love that for you.

The next dates for the EPIC IncubatorHER will be coming up soon … more here.

Big loves xx



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