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My friends saved me┬átoday. They saved me from drowning in hurt and heartbreak and betrayal of the ultimate kind. They saved me simply and gently, and now this day is almost done and I am the most OK I’ve been all day, and it’s because of the beautiful people who fill my world.

I had a bit of a set back (sarcasm is cheap). Of the like ‘oh so your heart’s broken can I just get it out again and make sure it’s really in a million pieces’ kind. It knocked the wind out of me, and left me floundering, drowning in tears and disbelief. I’m not going to talk about it here, I’d prefer never to speak of it again, but I probably will, one day in the land of oversharing and when I’m not pretending to be honorable to people who are without honor or honesty or when I’m not trying to preserve my own sense of wholeness. Until then, just make up your own story. Apparently that’s OK, it’s one of my super talents!

I have realized in the last 6 weeks how many beautiful people are in my world, and how much energy and effort has been going to the not so beautiful one or two. My friends (including sister friends!) are amazing, loving, caring, kind, clever, swear heaps, laugh inappropriately, offer to kill people for me, make me dinner, take my girls off for fun while I melt, bake me banana chocolate cakes, drop in for coffee, make me go to exercise classes, give me massages, reiki, healings, wisdom, buy me beautiful bight yellow dresses, run me baths, ring me up, text me, post uplifting quotes on my Facebook page, come over at night, in the morning, in the day, lend me their au pair, cry with me, tell me I’m going to be OK, hug me, bring me tissues, put my babies to bed with stories and loves, talk about all the hot new men I’m going to meet in a year when I’m done with the sabbatical and generally care for me as though I am precious.

Thank you my darlings, I did not realize how much I wanted to be precious until you made me feel it. I hope that you know how precious you are to me.


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