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OK, well not my heart – but my handbag, my wallet and all those cards, my sunglasses, my daughters best and favorite pink lipstick and my car and house keys. Luckily by some freak act of parking my car was blocked in, or I imagine I would be saying you stole my car too.

We got burgled last night – just a stealthy, opportunistic swipe close to the front door while we were all in bed. I woke in the night and found the front door and the front gate and my car open, and my things gone – so spent the next few hours talking to the police, canceling credit cards and generally feeling unsafe and invaded.

The dog, bless her, didn’t bark. I think, like me, she thinks that once someone is in the front gate they are our friend. Not so much lately.

So I’ve had another really interesting day. I have pulled a big fat finger sign at the clouds only once. And said aloud “ENOUGH ALREADY!!!” a couple of times too. So in summary…..

Here’s what I am grateful for today:

  1. The burglars didn’t come any further inside our house and touch or scare any of the people who slept here
  2. They didn’t find the cash stashed in my diary on the bench about 2m from the front door
  3. My car was parked in
  4. The police came in 15 minutes and were so kind and helpful and made me feel safe again
  5. My girl didn’t wake up with the noise of her aquarium and fan so was oblivious until the morning
  6. The little 3 were at their Dad’s

And the new things I learnt today as a result of this experience:

  1. When you get divorced and want to change your name back to your maiden name you can just do it. Some places will want to see your divorce certificate, but other places will just change it (unless you want to change your surname to something other than your maiden name, which I considered briefly in case I could come up with something funny but couldn’t, so I stopped thinking about it)
  2. RAC men are the best car thieves ever – I did know they were amazing at breaking into cars, but not how good they were at mobilising cars without keys and towing them away
  3. You can’t claim renewing all your car locking system on your home & contents insurance even if the key theft happens as a result of contents theft from your home. This has to be a separate motor claim. Why not do two insurance claims for fun?
  4. It’s not appropriate for the consultant at an insurance company to call the thieves “scumbags” twice. Even if they are ”scumbags”. He also told me when he was robbed last year his cat got so scared by the robber it shat on his couch. Which you can’t claim on insurance.
  5. Locksmiths are fast, efficient and cheaper than you might think.
  6. Apple TV is an ace device (OK this is nothing to do with being burgled apart from the fact that they didn’t steal any of our devices!) Our wifi got super-boosted today (just because) and now we have Apple TV too.
  7. Everyone I know agrees that this is enough now (thank you Universe for hearing this, this time!)

And this is because it’s so nice to blame the dog!



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