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My mornings are pretty normal.

Like everyone with school age kids and littler kids and everyone who is a woman, who works or who has this big, crazy kickass idea brewing madly inside her.

I think for a while I thought that my mornings were harder than some other people’s (like those people who have husbands or less children or no children or don’t work outside of home) or that they should be different. Easier. More fun. Maybe a time will come when they are, but while I lament the peaceful, relaxed mornings where everyone is getting their shit together and being nice to each other and the sink is not full of dishes and the dog hasn’t crapped in the driveway (again) – I’m not just having the morning we’re having.


Nit wash and comb for 3 children. Uniforms for two. Daily load of washing on. Breakfast for 4. Dish washer unloaded (by child who doesn’t appreciate the fact that it’s one of two jobs she has to do every day, and does it with much banging and sighing). Dishwasher re-loaded. Big dishes done. Sigh of relief when I remember I did the new thing of packing the lunchboxes the night before (it’s about 2 months old this new routine and I LOVE it!). Hair braided on one. Little two kicked outside to play mum and big sister horsies on the trampoline because the one who is being the Mummy horse is talking in a really grumpy Mummy horse voice and it sounds a lot like me, and one grumpy horse wearing a leopard print robe is enough in the kitchen.

And then????

Well then our lovely au pair arrives in the kitchen, asking before anything else if there’s anything she can do to help (I’m still in my leopard print robe obviously because prioritising myself getting dressed before leaving my bedroom would possibly blow my mind, and I think me in my leopard print robe actually screams “HEEEEEEEEEEELP ME!!! I CAN NOT GET MY SHIT TOGETHER THIS MORNING”).

And that is how it’s done.

My life isn’t harder or easier than anyone else’s – but the one thing I have finally got a handle on is how to find people who help. They are not helping because I’m not capable. They are helping because right now, after that, I’m meant to be writing and creating and getting ready to go to YOGA (I know right? How awesome is that?) and then I’m coaching and then getting kinesiology (I know right? How awesome is that?) and then I’m coaching some more and then I’m hanging out, and the washing will be done and the dinner will be cooked and Miss 4 has been out on a play date, and Miss 11 and Miss 6 have been to school and will be picked up and home and dropped to dancing (I know right? How awesome is that?). And then I’m doing some more stuff about building my business (seriously if you have time to watch crap on TV or clean the house anymore when you have a big, crazy kickass idea brewing madly inside you then you are MISSING out on all the amazing resources (that are either free, not that expensive or worth every dollar!) that exist in this world we call the internet).

I can not stop finding cool stuff to learn. Empowering. Inspiring. Motivating. And there is this window once my children are in bed that opens up like a magnificent endless possibility.

It’s possible that if I was married I wouldn’t have this window. I certainly didn’t use it very often when I was married or when I was having the phase of trying not to be too awesome in case it made the next guy feel uncomfortable. So I’m totally loving this window sick because I’d have to modify it slightly for the real guy to come create endless possibilities with me too (I know right? How awesome is that?)

Whatever it is. Don’t let it get away from you. There are too many excuses we use not to do the thing that’s like the fire in your belly.

How do you do it? Is it really possible for you? What would have to happen for you to really happen????


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  • Nicole Fletcher says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….not surprised that I found and read this today but thankful. You and your words are just the inspiration I need to kick myself up the arse and move forward! (no photo of said gesture available, sorry 🙂 )

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