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The Sacred Space Retreat – August 2020

Fleur – When space is sacred, women unfurl.

This magical retreat unfolded in entire perfection, without any force. In a life where there’s so much hustle and an energetic of busyness and ‘all the things’ that need to be done taking 4 days away from ‘reality’ to drop into presence was EVERYTHING EVERYONE NEEDED. Me included.

I was overwhelmed before I left home. Going away is overwhelming. Letting go of the safety net of home, and the commitments to kids and family and pets and work that keep me safely held in certainty is hard for me. It’s been really hard for me to step out of this. When we moved in here my home-based studio could not have been more beautiful. And slowly over time, here is the place I spend most of my days. And I don’t always remember to bring ME home. Like really truly home.

The Sacred Space Retreat was everything. True refuge. Coming home to me, so that she can come home and be present here. The landscape was cathartic. Trees and rolling hills and low clouds. The chorus of frogs and birds at dawn and dusk and in between. Fireplaces. Vegan food lovingly prepared and ready for every meal. Endless cups of tea. Cacao Ceremony. Agni Hotra. Meditation. Daily yoga. Breathwork. Sound healing. Talking with other women. Watching their faces change (and mine too) and they dropped in further to themselves. Wisdom. Tears. Authentic emotion. Massage. Sauna. Deepening. Oil blends, candles, sage. Breath work. Weaving. Dreaming. Nutritionally dense food. Food as medicine. Supporting supplements. Health and wellness wisdom. Purpose. Identity. Boundaries. Journaling. By Day 3 everyone commenting on how blue my eyes were. Bluer than Day 1. Bluer. More me.

Retreat calls. True refuge. Sometimes you have to step out to truly step back in.

Big Loves, Fleur xx

Tracy – The immersion in nature, wide-open spaces and quiet allowed for a really reflective experience.

The flow of the day from movement to amazing food, to in-depth conversation and healing of an evening, allowed for a whole-body experience, integrating the mind, heart and soul as one organism rather than living in the one that demanded the most attention.

It created a space where we could feel the benefits of feeling, of grounding, of enquiring, of connecting. Ritual allowed for a slowing down, a connection to self and nature, to allow us to realise that we are part of something much bigger than just ourselves, we are connected at all times, and are held and supported by the universal energy.

The feminine requires us to take space, to connect, to feel, to breathe, to honour….its what fills us up.

The offerings allowed participants to see how we can feed ourselves from all angles to old thought patterns being released, to making space, to how we feed our bodies and how we feed our souls.

The biggest take away was the power of true connection with other women, where each one felt held and uplifted by the others, where we were there to fix the crown on each other’s heads, not tear it down.

Tracy xx

Pam – The retreat felt like we are at one with nature.

In the most ideal location where all outside hustle and busyness was for three days silenced from our beings. The beautiful facilitators had a thread of relaxation and honouring to the sacred space of healing and connecting to a woman, and what she needs to reconnect to herself.

The gentle yet brilliant energy of natural landscape and the learning of new tools and rituals gave rise to some powerful new ways of being.

I feel blessed to have been part of this retreat and also come home to myself. The work of living a life that is in flow is not a destination. It is an eb of growth and a flow of listening to what is really important and what is needed. The food and supplements were a nourishing experience to bring vital energy into our bodies while we unpacked the hustle and restored our space within to bring about change.

I really loved working with the women who ultimately put themselves first to be at the retreat and will see the way this unfolds to change their flow to somewhat nourishing in their day to day lives. As cold as morning yoga was at times the sound healing and meditation brewed a fire in us that kept us warm and focused.

Thank you Nannup for lending your space to allow this to be

In wellness, Pam xx




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