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I’m at the airport for 4 hours between flights. Blahhhhh. Really just want to go home. But in an effort to embrace making the most of every experience, I’m embracing this one.

1. Get a pot of tea. Real tea with tea leaves and a strainer. Heaven.

2. Don’t shudder at the price of the pot of tea and imagine how much cheaper and nicer it would be at home, on the kitchen bench, at home. Did I already say how nice it is at home?

3. Brush your teeth regularly, especially if you’ve been up since 3am, drunk tea and coffee and eaten every single thing off the tray on the plane, even if you didn’t quite recognise what it was.

4. Don’t look in the mirror in the bathroom and notice your hair needs washing and your eyes look puffy from getting up at 3am. Just brush your teeth and enjoy the freshness.

5. Buy Butter Menthols if you have a bit of a head cold. Don’t shudder at the price.

6. Find a loungy type chair to sit on. Got it, it’s grand!

7. Smile at people. They are all also trying to get over the price they paid for a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Don’t smile at the lady doing the explosives test. You will get tested for the third time since 3am. Fortunately I have not touched anything explosive since I got up. Not even the wierd pork sausage (if that’s what it really was) in the hot breakfast on the plane.

8. Wear your ugg boots for long haul flights and 4 hour waits. I didn’t and have had to remove my very ordinary black boots through every security screening. I do believe the zebra print on the heel of my ugg boots would have made them fancy enough for this experience, especially as I have dirty hair and could have possibly been hunting (or at least riding) zebra’s since it was last clean.

9. Even if you really want it, don’t buy anything from the airport. It’s cheaper and nicer at home.

10. Take your iPad. When all else fails you can write about how much fun you are having at the airport.

Hmmmm, that wasn’t particularly embracive was it? I think I need another pot of tea and a new novel and a neck pillow and a T-shirt that says “PERTH” in puffy writing. I just never knew how great the shopping was at the airport…..

11. OMG CONNECT TO THE FREE WIFI! That took far too long for me to realise. Can’t believe I have to board in 20 minutes!


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