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If I wrote you a letter it could never say all the things I wish you knew already, but at least I could start telling you, and the rest, as we all have done, you’ll find out for yourself.

I wish you could see yourself how I see you. All the bits of you made up from all the bits of us, and your own unique representation of that. I didn’t know that in having more than one daughter I would get to experience the uniqueness of you all. I’m so excited for the women you’ll become.

How much I love you can never be expressed in words, but if it could it would be an amount I didn’t know it was possible to possess until you were all here and I realised my capacity for love just expanded to fill the space between the spaces.

What I want most in the world for you is the chance for you to just BE YOU. Often it may feel like there are other rules and expectations about that, but in truth, if you could just be who you are with self-assurance that that was the best person to be, I’d be so (ecstatically) happy about that.

Your head lies to you all the time about what is true and what is not. Life is so much simpler when you stop letting your thoughts run the story and you consciously create the one you want.

Love each other. Sister’s make the best sister-friends when you get older.

I’m proud of you anyway. You don’t actually have to DO anything to make me proud.

Eat healthy, rest your body, get exercise and fresh air and nurture your spirit. You’ll have more energy to do the thing you were put here to do.

Don’t fret about figuring out what you put here to do, just do the things you love and the thing you were put her to do – your gift to the world – will be the thing you are doing that touches others.

It doesn’t take long to grow up. Enjoy the moments of growing up, especially the challenging ones that teach you the cool stuff. They make you a much more rounded grown up, who still thinks they are growing up and wants to learn more.

There is always more to learn.

If a love letter would touch your heart, I’d write one every day. Perhaps this is it. This blog. My love letters to you…..


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