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You know the one I mean.

The envelope. Sitting there. Unopened.

It could be divorce papers. Property settlement. An unpaid bill. Something from the accountant about an audit. Something (big or small) that needs cleaning up before the next step. But the next step is almost as scary as (or scarier) that staying stuck. So you leave the envelope for another day and get busy trying to not think about what stuck feels like or what could happen if you take the next step or both. And the envelope smirks.

It’s been money week again the Incubator this week. Money. Abundance. Worth. And we had to talk about the truth about that stuff again. And there’s this life that we want, but there are all these things we’re NOT doing about getting it. And then we wonder why it’s not happening and get more of the same (not happening).

Can you imagine how your life rolls when it’s centred around the belief “hope for the best but expect the worst”? Do you think you’d ever want to open the envelope? What about if you believed “No-one’s going to get everything. Life is a compromise”? What kind if choices would you make?

Sometimes you have to be prepared to face the complexity of your own insides and open yourself to find a way out. In fact, this may be the only way out.

When you open the envelope you set in motion the series of events that can not happen until there is light, and truth and clarity. Once it’s open and you are facing whatever needs to be faced in its fullness it stops being the monster you thought and becomes what it really is. An opportunity for freedom. A pathway forward. A way to clean up something that is not yet cleaned up, and upon which the next step rests. You can not create (fully) in the mess. You can not receive all that’s available for you in the unknown. You can only be immobilised and in darkness.

Someone I talked to this week opened the envelope after we spoke a month ago. The woman I spoke to this month was so much more aligned with herself and some things had started happening that were not entirely unexpected, but had not happened yet, while the envelope sat there unopened. And she’s started. Everything that’s possible from here. The envelope contained something about the ending of something. And that in itself is a gift.

It’s just as simple and as hard as that.


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