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My guy has another love, that much is clear, I’m not the only one he holds dear.

Early on he’d write verses only for me, but now they are all for his beloved Black Betty.

Today I got an email link from my guy. It said:

“I saw this ad on Gumtree and thought you might be interested.  $ 35,000″

He wrote her a poem!!!!

Follow the link to see the whole she-bang. She is a beautiful car. We’d love you to love her as much as he does. Then perhaps I won’t be called a dream-killer anymore.

Here’s his tribute:

Its the sound of silence when on the road,
The feeling of relentlessness when off the road,
The eyes from bystanders as you roll on by, 
The power of its V8 brings a tear to my eye.
The shine that glistens when she’s been hosed down,
The 8 seats within to drive the kids all over town.
The new tyres on the beach as she glides by the sea,
The kids in the back enjoying a DVD.
The aircon’s breeze on the way to Exmouth,
The comfort of the moulded seats on the way down south.
The envy of your mates on a Saturday when she’s parked on the lawn,
The envy of your kids mates at sport on Sunday morn.
So I fell in love, I guess you can tell, but it won’t be the end of the world,
If you like the above, I just might sell, my one and only Big Black Girl.

Ahhhh, Black Betty, I’ll be so sad to see you go.


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