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It’s Saturday evening. We are totally kid free. My guy has been working like a Trojan. There’s been a few work “disasters” over the last few days, which have been an extra challenge, but now his work week is done.

All week I’ve had this plan that me and my guy are going up the coast to my family beach house, to have a long anticipated mini-break. Just him and me, our bikes, the dog, bacon and eggs for breakfast and no particular plans. I had to ‘fess up to the surprise night away when he mentioned other plans for Saturday night on Wednesday after work, but he was totally all for the night away.

I’ve had a really cool day. I went to a Body Balance class on the grass beside the beach today and did all the poses (minus the Scorpion because I knew it would end badly) looking the ocean. After the class I went for coffee with some of the ladies from the class (I know I am right down there with the ladies because I thought this was ace. When I was still youth I would have wondered what the hell they were doing!). I had my first coffee since I wrote a blog about how evil caffeine is for me, and had the best coffee rush I’ve had in ages, but had to leave before I made one of the ladies ears bleed. We took my man his lunch (including a carrot with a smiley face engraved on it) at work, and gave the guys some support with encouraging singing and waving. I spoke to my little sister on the phone for the first time in ages (love you lovely one!) and prepped for the big night away by packing a few things and planning food.

I rang my guy about mid-arvo to scope out where he was at and he sounded stressed, so I thought perhaps he would get home to late for the 1.5 hour drive. I prepped myself for the possibility of not going, because he has been working like a Trojan, and maybe hanging at home would be a good option, but when he arrived home and debriefed it was all on.

In 30 minutes he showered, packed his stuff, packed the bikes, my stuff, the bacon and eggs and 6 beers in an esky and the dog in the back of the Troopy.  There was me sitting next to him in the middle of the bench seat in the front of Troopy, with 1.5 hours of uninterrupted drive ahead of us. AND THEN…..

As we backed out a trail of power steering oil followed us up the driveway, and pooled underneath the front of our holiday vehicle. And that was the end of that.

The dog’s heart was totally broken. She stared at us mournfully from the back when we pulled up on the front lawn and got out. She stood up and then lay down again, hoping she wouldn’t have to get out. When requested she, and all the stuff, got out.

And here we are. We all went to the drive-through bottle shop to give the Swedish girls a new experience (they don’t have drive-thru’s in Sweden!). My guy cooked dinner. The dog got some scraps of rump steak as an apology.

We’re settling in for a mini-break at home. Heaven…..


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