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The journey inward starts simply, with a decision. A choice.

Sometimes we can choose to just be here, in the moment and go inward. And sometimes we must make the call to stop running away from the inner journey and/or to let the external distractions go. Just for a moment.

No matter what I tried – better scheduling and time management, clearly stating my intentions, articulating my boundaries to those around me and reading all the books on all the things – the only way to go inward was to stop going outward all the time. Comparing, judging, trying to keep everyone around me happy, hoping they might validate my worthiness (spoiler: they don’t), looking for things that (momentarily) might make me feel happy or complete or important. Mostly these things just took me further away from myself.

Going inward takes practice. It takes commitment, perseverance and self-compassion. It makes us acknowledge what we find – the light and the dark – and it brings peace beyond anything I was ever able to find in wine, chocolate, other people or a clean house.

In February 2023 we’ve planned an inward journey just for you (if you’re reading this, then something called you here). Tracy and Pam (my co-creators) are sisters, and two women who bring such an extraordinary collection of gifts and nerdiness around the things they are into. We are all like that. Brilliant, creative, nerds. Our own journeys home have been filled with all the crazy life things you can imagine, and we are all so dedicated to love and growth and sharing this that a retreat seemed the best way to create a space for this.

It’s in Denmark, WA. You can find all the details here. Our early bird price ends at the end of this month, and we couldn’t think of a more luscious Christmas gift for you or someone you love (or for someone you love to gift you). Reach out if you’d like a chat with me to find out if it’s for you, or just have a few questions.

The real medicine for how we feel is connection. First with self, and then with others. Then you’ll truly get to feel at home.

Within each moment, we make a choice.
Which way do we go?
When we sit in the unknown of what next… we have two choices:

1. to seek answers from outside of ourselves;
2. or to step toward ourselves and turn inward.

Come Inward with us: Inward Retreat

Much Love
Fleur x

Some inspiration from a past retreat. 




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