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A lot can change in a year. The woman I was 12 months ago has morphed again into a version who is more me. She was me too, but now I’m more me. And I suspect it’s an ongoing evolution.

I don’t think in the New Year you need to create a new you (unless you’ve entirely been living a fake you kinda life, which is possible, and I’ve done it) but it’s more that a new year represents something hopeful and some possibility for what is to come. You don’t need to become someone new, just someone truer to the YOU you truly are.

The last few years have been weird, but also glorious for us. Finding glory in the weirdness has been a flat-out gratitude practice, that at times seemed exhausting but mostly just required commitment. Commitment to noticing the things that we are fortunate and privileged to have access to and accepting our privilege as a means to do something more for the humans who may not have that. A year ago, the version of me just felt horribly guilty about my privilege and my lack of understanding that it even existed. And guilt is just a waste of time, unless you let it motivate you to do something good. For goodness. Not for guilt or obligation.

A year ago, I didn’t know what our home would be like with one less kid living here, and one more adult mostly out in the world. At the start of that year of her becoming an adult I still wanted to enforce a weeknight curfew and influence her decisions – when mostly she didn’t need any of that. She just needed us to trust her whilst she worked out that not getting enough sleep sucks and getting to school on time is something you must work out for yourself. Because work is a whole new thing as are managing your finances and your car and relationships and she’s working that all out. And nailing it, and that has way more to do with her than me.

Some things with teenagers got easier and some things got harder, but we learnt A LOT, and the way I feel about all of that is way less stressed than I did a year ago, and even two months ago. I learnt (again) that the high school transition is HARD, and mostly what kids need from their parents during this time is some level of understanding that it is hard, and that it’s going to take some time (maybe even years) to be less hard. And that’s OK. And youngest children grow up too. And letting go of them is a different kind of weird. And it’s accepting that life without ‘little’ kids is a different kind of life. And accepting getting older, but still feeling the same you always have about everything (like, that my younger brother is still my younger brother, but we’re all nearly 50 now and so sure that should feel different?? But it doesn’t. It’s just the same with all my siblings).

A year ago, I’d given up on writing a book. I got stuck on this idea that there’s just this one book that needs writing and it’s been stalled for so long, that maybe that’s all there is. But somehow, as I wrote and created new programs and considered, and started a whole new book I remembered I am a writer and thus I need to write. And some of that writing will become a book, and there’s not just one. The call to write every day never goes away no matter how many versions of myself try to busy it away. And so, a writer is more me, and she’s here now. Mostly.

A year ago, I was still worried about earning enough money to be worth something. To be busy enough and prove my capacity as a wife, mother, and woman. I fretted more about how to make more money and not burn out or become (more) resentful of the patriarchy and the kids and the laundry. It doesn’t all go away completely, but it morphs and somehow in the year that was I really understood divine source and how fretting and worrying never opened an abundance floodgate of any kind. It just created a massive plughole where all the goodness in life drained away. I’m better (so much better) at trusting divine source and asking for guidance and offering myself in whatever way is needed of me (and true to me).

The more I’m me, the clearer my purpose becomes. My purpose is really to be the truest version of me in the world and create all the things that feel real for me. And whilst I do that, encourage others to do the same. Their version of that. The truest for them.

And that starts, always with identity. Who you are is intimately and intricately tied to your purpose. Last year I created herSELF an identity deep dive. It was luscious, and it’s waiting for you here. But also, the evolution that really clarified for me, was the one which is about a YEAR with me inside the #moflos (my monthly membership program). And so I added herSELF (we’re working through it in January, but it’s yours for as long as you’re in there so there’s lots of time) and purposeFULL (the purpose deep dive) and PIVOT (so you can return to you heart centre as a place to begin) and all the other new things I’m creating in 2022. As well as just being in a space with me month by month (and for a year or more if that’s what you’re after). I’d love you to join. This version of you may not be entirely sure what she’ll be most grateful for in a year, but I promise you’ll get everything you need. Here’s the #molfosevolution.

People who come hang with me, and do the work are grateful for boundaries, discovering their inherent worth, finding ways to communicate about hard things, healing something that’s been getting in the way for a long time, finding love, parenting like a badass, feeling so differently. It’s massive and subtle at the same time. A practice of divinity and humanity. Real-life and magic.

A lot can change in a year. Come spend a year with me. Hand on heart, it’s the place to start x



A 4 week deep dive into remembering, uncovering, like being reborn. Knowing who you are is the foundation to everything else, so herSELF is about:

• Identity (who you really are, and who you’re not). The light. The shadow. The centre of being.
• Core beliefs and the way they shape our behaviour and our outcomes.
• The life-altering magic of boundaries
• What happens when you dedicate space and time to YOU. HER. SELF.
• Tapping into the incredible + infinite resource of your true self.

How do we do this? 4 x Weekly Trainings (although online so self-paced), Course content specific to the program, Facebook support group, worksheets, video + audio.  (Even after the 4 weeks you have access to Teachable for 12 months where the content and recorded trainings will be hosted).  All this for $999.00.

And for those who need additional support, there is an optional upgrade for some support.

The search for purpose is intricately entwined with the search for inner peace and to find peace you need to remember who you really are. Your identity. The wholeness and OKness of everything you truly are and not the masks or the pretence or the expectations or roles you play.

Want to know who she is? It’s the foundation to everything else… #herSELF – sign up here. Payment options are available – send me a quick email and we can work it out. Or join #moflos and herSELF is included xx


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