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That’s enough now.

You are enough. You know enough. You’ve done enough. You’re wise enough. That’s enough. Just for right now.

I really, truly believe in growth. I have always wanted more, and although for a long time I searched for more, I searched far and wide in all the places where I thought more was. Out there. In books or education, or other people, or courses and training and techniques and the stuff that everybody else on the quest for more seemed to be doing. Those things were excellent. And I would not change a thing about that. I trust I learnt what I did and that the timing was just perfect. But right now? It’s time to stop all the searching and the more-seeking and find a way to harness all the goodness that already exists in me.

I’m 40. Pretty sure if I didn’t know something of value by now I have not actually been alive. I learnt some shit I thought at the time I’d rather not learn. I aced my way through formal education undeservedly. I’ve worked I countless jobs and run businesses and become a mother, and been a girlfriend a few times, a wife, divorcee, I’ve owned many pets, vehicles, houses and cooked a lot of food. And if you read my bio it’s pretty impressive. But the most valuable thing? One day I stopped trying to add more to repertoire of things and thought perhaps if I could just stop and take some time and focus I could work out what I had that already existed within me and create that into something of value for other people.

And that thing? That one thing has been worth more money to me than a full-time job. Just one thing. One thing I created. There’s more. Heaps more. Already in there. And the value isn’t just in the money, but if I relate it to money it can sometimes help people understand.

What would you find if you stopped long enough to let it out?

And what would that be worth to you and to the world?

Stop searching. Well stop searching out there.

I promise you it’s all inside.

And there’s so much more than you ever imagined. When you first start getting it out it can be scary (read terrifying) because you worry that maybe, just maybe, that thing you wrote (in my case) is the best thing you’ll ever write and maybe that’ll be it. But it’s not. There’s so, so much more. Every-time I write more comes out.

And I’m still learning and growing everyday. But just for now? I’m learning about how much there is inside if you stop and make time and focus on what already exists. And that’s what I do. Before anything else just do that. I can help you if you want. Because I know exactly what it’s like to be seeking. And I know what you find if you stop.


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