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Speaking the language of love that suits your beloved is a sure-fire winner. At work I’m always encouraging couples to discover their love languages, and learn specific ways to show their partner love. Hardly anyone fesses up that gifts is their thing, but when my guy bought me a bike yesterday I was pretty chuffed. Gifts are not my thing, until I get a great one, and then they are so my thing. I’m into that.

Today was all about showing him my love. It took me a while to realise that that would be the focus of the day (silly me!), but after 4 requests for me to come to Bunnings to buy paint for the great Troopy restoration, I realised he was after something.

Company and adoration.

So we went in the car with him, waited while he fuelled up, trailed around Bunnings while he chose all the things (we were told we could pick the paint colour, but I had a definite feeling that anything other than flat white may have caused a mutiny, and we may not have got a lift home), waved at him while he went into the tool section and got grinding discs and we helped select and pack boxes at the self checkout (I know, I know. And the reason I’m telling all the details is because I want to explain how enthralling it was for girls!).

Then there was this point a bit later where he requested I bring my cuppa outside and “hang out” while he bogged, and painted the car. I thought it was going to just be the hang out request (I have another good friend who’s husband feels loved when she hands him screws while he’s building or fixing something, and they have been married for 49 years, so all that hanging out passing screws has definitely meant something!) but the next thing my cuppa was deserted on the lawn and I was holding the newspaper while he taped. Then I watched him while he painted, watched paint dry, got a chance to sweep some of the sand out of the interior and say supportive things about what a good job he was doing and how the Troopy looks like a new car (which is does by the way, it looks ACE, and he is so clever!).

And that’s love.

I feel loved, all this cool stuff is done, the Troopy is as fancy as an old Troopy can get, he wanted me to hang out with him, he feels loved, our au pair got bored of company and adoration so came inside and baked 50 cinnamon scrolls, which he loves and she loves (and I don’t want to love but do).

All is sweet in my world.


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