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‘Defriending’ also starts with D. Today I was defriended by a friend of my ex- husbands’ Mum on Facebook because of my post about the The Big D. Dramatically. Definitively. Without Doubt.

This is the first casualty of my blog (that I’m aware of, although I know my swearing can be offensive to some, and my topics wouldn’t interest everyone)  and I will admit I was initially taken aback by her comment “Aptly named blog, defriending now” and had to check if she meant she was defriending me and not someone else I may have mentioned in my blog. She meant me.

I immediately wanted to write her an inbox, just to explain that everything I wrote I’m pretty sure both he and his family know and I have a good relationship with them all, and blah, blah, blah and then I realised that she won’t be the last person to dislike what I write or to misinterpret the message or the point or to wonder why I am sharing all the details of my life online.

I did call my mother-in-law (who I guess is no longer that anymore because it’s not in-law, but I actually have a number (I wanted to say ‘collection’ here but didn’t want to offend!) of MILs, all of whom I love dearly and who love my kids dearly, so I’m not adverse to using that term broadly to encompass all the lovely grandmothers who are part of our family) just to check she hadn’t been offended by the post, but she hasn’t read my blog and said if she was offended by something she’d let me know. And the truth of it is, that if honouring her friendship with his parents means that lady can’t be my FB friend anymore because we are Divorced (or perhaps because I said Dickhead) I can be OK with that. Many a friendship has been affected by inadvertently liking the wrong post on FB and insulting someone.

It’s certainly worth considering (however briefly) whether or not I write everything I think of, but now I know she’s not my FB friend I’m guessing she won’t know she’s been made famous by my blog. And I’ll never know the true reason she didn’t like it. In the end if I worry about if people would like it I wouldn’t write, and writing is cathartic. And at times Dangerous.

I’m at the airport waiting for my biggest girl to arrive home after 8 months away. I was going to write about that. And how by the time we get home I will have driven 900km to be here to see her face. Am a bit worried I’ve missed her arrival typing. Gotta go!

Post script: I missed her arrival! She found me though. Am Definitely happy 🙂


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  • Kailijade says:

    Ah my beautiful Fleur. Some people are very precious about defending other people’s right to be dickheads privately you know. Crikey, as if Dickhead is the worst thing that an ex-wife has called an ex-husband in this world!

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