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I started back at exercise classes at the gym last week. I’ve had this dicky knee thing going on for about 2 years (a few months after my 12km run) and have used it as my excuse not to get into any form of exercise apart from yoga since then. I love yoga. Adore it in fact. I feel amazing after I do it, and was getting much better at it, but then the early morning yoga class I was going to stopped, and so I stopped. Again.

I joined the gym last Monday and went to a 6am Balance class the next morning. Oh I sucked soooooo bad. I spent to entire class toppling from the tree pose, the eagle pose, the pyramid, the downward dog with one leg in the air, and even standing still on two legs. I was probably most disheartened by the fact that without having any balance you don’t even get a workout, because you’re too busy hopping on one foot trying to something with the other arm and leg so you don’t swing out of control and take out some of the beautifully balanced ladies around you.

This week I got really brave, and went with my super fit, naturally gifted, trained-in-dancing friend to a Sh’Bam class. Yes it is EXACTLY as it sounds. The good news is I didn’t have to balance on one leg, but I did have to dance. It was totally mint, and although I probably looked more ridiculous than I did falling out of tree pose, everyone else was looking pretty ridiculous too, except my gorgeous friend (who also owns all the best exercise clothes!) and the instructor who seemed to be in her inner rock chick element.

Today I went to my third exercise class for this week (that’s the minimum so I can justify my gym membership without having any intention of ever doing anything other than exercise classes because my inner fitness freak only likes to exercise with other people).

I BALANCED! I even looked graceful (I know, CHECK ME OUT!!!). And I didn’t topple out of the pose when the instructor reminded us that if you are struggling to find balance notice your thoughts, so of course I noticed my thoughts, but they were actually fairly calm and congratulatory on my exercising excellence!  So I’m all over it.

During the meditation part of the class I planned what new exercise clothes I should get, and noticed how much more toned I am after 5 committed exercise events. I know I’m meant to be meditating, but that’s a big ask when I’ve found a nice, quiet 5 minutes to plan my next move. I’ll keep working on that.

So 10 days from balancing precariously to working out. Feels ace. Move that body.


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