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I want a home that has a feel about it – it’s like a combinations of nana’s pikelets, the smell of Fabulon and an iron, lemons from the garden, a fire in the fireplace, laughter, sunshine in the sheets and love. A home that feels like love.

I have realised only recently that I play a huge part of creating the feeling of home in the house we currently live, and somehow – even after 7 years in one house – that it isn’t oozing with “homeness” and that’s because I was still talking about the place I grew up “as the only place that felt like home”. Funnily enough there was plenty of Fabulon there, we had pikelets with my nana every Sunday and every time she washed the sheets my Mum would say ‘I put sunshine in your sheets today”……

But there’s another home it’s time to embrace. If I close my eyes, I can picture our HOME (our second chance hotel), me and the man I adore, where all combinations of seven daughters come and go and one day they may tell a story about it, and that place is somewhere that felt like home to them.

There are lot of trees, and space, and a long driveway. The house is hidden by garden. There’s chooks and vege’s and a massive kitchen with a big dining table that fits us all when we’re all together. There’s room for extras too. The windows are big and the sunshine floods in and there’s a desk for writing that overlooks the trees. There are lots of colourful beds inside – one for each of the 7 girls – and a couch too big to move.

It alternates between quiet and music and talking and there are moments it so full of our voices it could almost be a din. But a friendly one.  It always smells like cooking and fresh air and the garden (lemons and basil and coriander). But the feeling, the overwhelming feeling, is openness and a chance to be yourself. To bring who you are and live it.

Home isn’t a place or a house but a space in your heart that’s home-shaped, home coloured, feels homely and smells like home.

Welcome 🙂 Please come inside.


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