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From Kylie – Gap Year Graduate 2018:


“I love personal development and growth. And being spiritual. And I like to think that there’s a connection to loved ones passed, which is why I’ve been to many mediums/psychics/clairvoyants in my life. It’s my thing. And while I totally respect it’s not everyone’s thing, I love that it’s mine. And why, coincidentally, I ended up in a cosy room meeting with a medium the day I finished Gap Year.

10 March 2018.

It was all taped. I’ve gone back and listened to it so I can write this for Fleur but I promise you it’s verbatim. But bullet pointed because I don’t want to bore you.

First thing she said, I kid you not:

• Spirits are very excited for you. They want to throw streamers and balloons at you to celebrate. But it’s not like a birthday or an anniversary – it’s more like the choices you are going to make or have made. You’re choosing to step up – stand up and step up and take on the world. It’s like you’ve been resisting trusting yourself and they’re saying ‘what are you waiting for?’

• Feels like you’ve been in a backward cycle and this year you’re going to break free of crap that’s been holding you back or holding you down.

• It’s a lot of growth that you’ve been doing. It’s like ‘fuck it all’ – go and take charge.

Yep, that was how it opened. The day I finished Gap Year. All full of growth and wonder at my light bulb moments during Gap and then spirits wanting to celebrate with me! Oh yeah…

• She briefly touched on my future partner but didn’t go into much depth. When she asked if I had any questions I asked if ‘dreamboat’ (my name for the dream guy) was someone I already knew (because I’d said goodbye to someone before Gap Year and well….just wanted to double check!). “They say no” is what she came back with. You had an amazing connection with him, but he didn’t have it with your boys. There were barriers. Yep, there were.

• Then she goes ‘Whoa. Ok. Your future husband’s grandfather is in the room.’ I mean, WTF. I’m all into spirit and things, but even I thought it was a stretch, despite the goose bumps that covered me from head to toe.

• Dreamboat’s grandfather (through her) then says ‘welcome to the family, we’ve been waiting for you and I couldn’t want a better woman for my grandson.’ HOLY FUCK.

• Then she describes dreamboat. And I swear to god, she basically checks off ‘the list’ I made during Gap Year. The comprehensive one. Like 20 of the 30 things. And weird ass things too…!

• I momentarily freak out at the mention of 2 kids…then pull myself back together.

• There’s more…moving in together within 18 months and a wedding…but I’ll leave it there.

So, Gap Year. Worth every hard look at myself, every tear that I cried discovering my truth and every hard conversation I had before, during and after I started and finished it. And all I can say is thank you Fleur. For being the amazing person you are, for completing this journey yourself and for sharing it with the rest of the world. You truly are a remarkable person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to 2018 and meeting dreamboat. I’ll keep you posted!”


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