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It always starts from the inside out.

purposeFULL is a 4 week intensive (or extensive) journey into a life centred around purpose.

It’s about fulfilment, contentment and expansion and NOT about survival mode.

Purpose exists in us as an energy (not a something you need to do, or a job or career but intimately woven with who you are). It emerges from a longing in your soul, and no matter how much you try to quieten it, it will not go away. In purposeFULL we’ll explore:

–> Rising – above the story of your life and who you’ve believed yourself to be, the beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck and into a place where there’s space for purpose beyond the everyday to-do list

–> Courage – vulnerability and authenticity, how to be YOU and unpack all the things you have to offer to the world

–> Why? The point. Purpose. The convoluted pathway of your life, and the common thread that has always been there

–> Expansion – the commitment, actions and habits you’ll need to allow you to expand fully into a purposeFULL life.

Join purposeFULL. 4 weeks, 4 modules, 4 trainings, Facebook Group support, worksheets, content – all for you.

You have the magic inside of you, this I know to be true.

Note: Payment plans are available – scroll to the bottom here or please contact me to discuss.

purposeFULL program – What’s included:

  • 4 Week program (but online so work at your own pace)
  • 1 training module weekly for 4 weeks
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Worksheets, Video, Audio
  • Content accessible for 12 months and downloads yours forever!

AUD$444.00 for purpose
FULL 4 week program.

It starts with YOU … find the magic inside of you through purposeFULL xx

Get purposeFULL

Upgrade Option: What’s included:

  • 4 Week program (as above)
  • 2 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching call with me during the 4 week program
  • Voxer audio support during the 4 week program

AUD$999.00 for purpose
FULL 4 week program
+ additional upgrade

Get purposeFULL
I’m a purpose coach, so I primarily work with people (mostly women) tapping into their purpose and crafting that into a purposeful life. Which is pretty incredible.
During the process I discovered that love and purpose are entirely entwined. Relationship turmoil and/or dissatisfaction are some of the GREATEST DISTRACTIONS that exists to hijack us from ever discovering our calling and creating a life of meaning. Including (and most especially) the relationship with ourselves.
I spent an epic amount of time searching for purpose (the point in my case – I kept searching for the point) whilst in the midst of constant heartbreak, relationship turmoil (fighting, ignoring each other, whinging, wondering) and/or having more children (for me relationships and children are entirely entwined too). And wondering who the f@#k I was anyway.
I create my programs for incredible women (brilliant, smart, sassy, educated, determined and capable) who keep getting thrown from their path of purpose by constant confusion and overwhelm. Women who were so great, deserving, generous, loving and good at what they did, but lost. Entirely lost.
A solid, loving relationship with yourself sits in the foundations. It’s an integral part of the structure of support that allows you to be more of yourself in the world. Being seen. Showing up. Truly living.
Starting on the inside changed everything for me. And what I created in my life following that has been nothing short of magnificent.
It’s time right?
Tell Me More About purposeFULL

“What's a group coaching program with Fleur like?

Painful: but not as painful as where I was. It made me scared: but never as fearful as times in my life when I have been rooted to the spot with my hand on my face wondering with so many thoughts going through my brain that I couldn’t even do one of them.

Magic: Yep, bloody magical. The universe, the timing, the people in that group. Bloody magic. The people that have led me to where I am, have done so with their best intentions. It may not have been perfect, but there is no point in saying “I wish my childhood was different because …” And the people that are in my life have helped me, guided me, been my people for a while and maybe aren’t anymore. That doesn’t mean that I don’t value the lessons they gave me. It is all a part of the magic.

Responsibility: I’m owning my shit, and others can choose to own there’s too. I want to lead by example.

It’s like my blinkers have been taken off and I can see the world again. And now the world looks like I’m in it, not just a character playing a minor role.
It came along at the perfect time. And I’m pretty bloody perfect too.
Thanks again Fleur. You are effing amazing. xxx”

Anon. Coop Member

“Opportunities come along occasionally in a lifetime. Fleur Porter is one.

Insight, understanding, supported personal growth is like a vine catching sunlight. The perfume reaches all those around you, whether work colleagues, family or friends.

Fleur’s unique ability to ask the questions allowed me to find my answers. The ones that I didn't even know needed asking. The answers that released me from the bonds that enslave all of us. Those hidden messages that guided my bad behaviour, kept hurts, judged others inaccurately and add needless misery to my life.

Fleur’s skills apply to all. Men, women - all ages. She provided neutral territory of self discovery. There are no losers, but don’t think for a moment I escaped facing my own excuses & blaming others. Her loving support always left me confident, freer and lighter.

In our tough working world where survival is the everyday, the climate vicious, the distances tyrannical, Fleur assisted me in finding the beauty within and the blessings of my life. I have the tools to tweak to make it better. She has allowed me to find my true self buried below many years of children, work and other’s needs to step up with my own courage to make that lighted self glow.”