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Do you need a Gap Year?

A 12 week online program to support newly single women through that hideous part of soul-destroying break-up. So they don’t jump back on the horse too soon with a differently dressed version of the same guy (horse).

Gap Year Intensive is about taking a Gap Year (not necessarily a literal year, but definitely a metaphysical one) from men (or alternatively other external things you get addicted to, at the expense of doing your own work on yourself) so you can do whatever you need to do to clean up the inside stuff, let go of the past stuff and the get on with clarifying and manifesting the relationship you want. It’s mostly about becoming the one so you can find the one. It’s for (fairly) recently single women. Even if you think you’ll never date again. Or if you have thrown men out for Netflix and chocolate but secretly want an awesome guy to hang with while you watch shows and binge eat!

For me, Gap Year was the best way ever to plug the holes.

Tell Me More About Gap Year

Why did I create this course?

It’s a funny thing because I’m a purpose coach, so I primarily work with people (mostly women) tapping into their purpose and crafting that into a purposeful life. Which is pretty incredible. So creating a relationship program seemed slightly off-centre and even for myself I wondered if I’d be confusing my people.

But during the process I discovered that love and purpose are entirely entwined. Relationship turmoil (shitty relationships, fighting all the time, relationship breakups and heartbreak) is one of the GREATEST DISTRACTIONS that exists to hijack us from ever discovering our calling and creating a life of meaning. I spent an epic amount of time searching for purpose (the point in my case – I kept searching for the point) whilst in the midst of constant heartbreak and/or having more children (for me relationships and children are entirely entwined too!).

I created The Gap Year Intensive for the incredible women (brilliant, smart, sassy, educated, determined and capable) who kept getting thrown from their path of purpose by another relationship fuck-up that didn’t seem to make any sense. Women who were so great and deserving and good at what they did, but lost in this thing called relationships, and then lost. Entirely lost.

A solid, loving relationship (with everything in between) sits in the foundations. It’s not what makes you OK, but it adds to the possibilities – by being part of the structure of support that allows you to be more of yourself in the world. Relationship turmoil is all about you being less of yourself because you’re constantly angry or hurt or bitter or confused or trying to hustle for worthiness inside something that was not made for that.

Taking a Gap Year – as in a whole literal 12 months off men and relationships – was how I did it. And what I created in my life following that has been nothing short of magnificent.

Read my Gap Year story.

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