The Ultimate Au Pair Guide

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Fleur has had Au Pairs for many years and this Guide is the definitive answer to finding, living with and achieving SUCCESS for you and your family by having an Au Pair in your life.
This Guide will set you on your path to discovering that by giving up some tasks you may have thought no one else but you could do, you end up doing more of what you love.

What’s in this Guide?

Fleur’s True Story – How an Au Pair (and the next half a dozen that have come along since) have changed my life!

Guide to Finding your Au Pair – where to, how to, how long it takes, what do you need to have ready, what will an Au Pair actually do? And much more!

Interview question suggestions/recommendations – what are important things that you need to know before you say YES to your Au Pair.

The nitty gritty – how much to pay them, where do they sleep, can I really get them to wash my car?



The Au Pair Manual – this is an editable template for you to make for YOUR family. It has been tried and tested and edited daily for a number of years! This means that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and can just take the leap of faith!

Why you need to read this …

Not sure if you have space for an au pair?
Create boundaries and systems so you all have the time and space you need. You have to live with your children most of the time and often they are not as nice, interesting or helpful as someone who is part of your family to help out.

Are you wondering what an Au Pair would ACTUALLY do for you?
Fleur has included a creative way to work out where your time is spent … it’s called the Headless Chook Planner and it will map out for you what time you spend doing stuff you love, doing stuff you have to do, stuff you hate doing. It’s incredible the amount of stuff you ACTUALLY do when you sit and write it all down.

It is possible to have your job/career/business without an au pair, but I promise you, you will burn out, you will at time throw balls in the faces of your children or your husband (and who really wants to be that superangrycrazylady?). It is possible to do many things, but why would you? When you could do it in a way that was so less stressful and overwhelming and actually added to your home and your life?


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