Pivot – Returning to Heart Centre

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Pivot Returning to Heart Centre is a 14 day program in Teachable. Once you pay for the program you will be sent a course link and code to register at no additional cost.

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One day, inspired by a pandemic, I decided to explore the word pivot.

Pivot. I thought it was a hard word – masculine and about force, sudden changes of direction, sharp corners, no time to adjust. When I got all word-nerdy and used the thesaurus though I discovered (as I always do) something entirely different to what I thought.
The words associated with pivot included: Turning point, heart, centre, support, axis, core, inside, interior, midpoint, root, essence, circle, nucleus. Somehow everything.

I don’t think we need a pandemic to pivot. But some of us (especially me) need big things to make us question what we believe, how we’re living, and if it’s really, truly in alignment with what we want and who we are. And sometimes an exploration can help us reflect on what something meant, and what we can do to live life from our heart centre and be the force for good in the world we dream of. For me, it changed how I am as a mother. I want to forge a new path, and be the mother I always wished I had been. And the woman at the centre of myself.

So here’s a little, simple 14 days of gentle reflection and teachings to help you gather your resources and forge your own path forward. You may have also just been in pandemic and it brought to light some things you want to change, and want to hold on to. You may have recognised your busy-ness and survival mode automation and be determined to shift it once and for all. You may have started to question what’s essential, or what’s real or what’s true for you. You may just be ready to start exploring what’s possibly if you just pivot and come home.

I’ve purposely made it short (I found I could commit to things that required 15-30 mins from me at a time), and real (authenticity is everything, my work is steeped into my life and my life into my work – like a simultaneously strong and subtle cup of tea) and doable.

This 14-day journey of gentle reflection and teachings is to help you gather your resources and forge your own path forward. It’s an inner journey, which will support everything you do outside of yourself – how you show up, what action you take and what might be next.

It’s a short 15-30 minute commitment on reflection, exploration, and alignment with the centre of ourselves.

If you found you wanted to change the way you do life in the midst of the world shifting on it axis, but want to know how to stick with this when/as things continue as ‘normal’, this process with support you. If you feel scared about what is happening in the world and have started tp question everything, pivot with guide you home. If you did not have time to breathe as an essential worker or parent or carer and need to renegotiate the terms, this course with give you foundation to begin. At every turning point in life we get to make new and different choices, let me hold space so you can truly connect to your soul and KNOW how and what to choose.

The course includes:

  • Access to Teachable Modules and Content
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for program members
  • Daily modules delivered over 14 days delivered in a variety of styles (video, audio, worksheets)
  • Worksheets and other resources will be downloadable from Teachable.

Plus as a BONUS you will have access to my 5 Day Self Love Challenge.

  • Have it all without overwhelm and burn out
  • Get out of survival mode and into thriving
  • Handle your biggest hijacks
  • Create space and craft more time
  • Increase your capacity and access to all the resources available to you

The Bonus Challenge covers:

Day 1: Survival Mode is Killing You

Day 2: The Identity Piece

Day 3: Creating Space & Time

Day 4: Self-care is an Expansion Exercise

Day 5: The 3 ‘Must Haves’ for Having it All

Magic needs some room to breathe. Magic comes alive in the moments of clarity, when everything else falls away. Magic is like that moment when everything goes suddenly quiet and the air around you inhales slightly and something tense lets go. Magic is in the little bits of every day that we sometimes miss in the busy-ness.

Make some space for magic. Always.

I hope you can join me.

Big loves,

Fleur xx